Comic Book Review – Star Wars: Kanan Omnibus

Star Wars: Kanan

I’ve been reviewing Star Wars Rebels since the beginning. It’s a great show that has built up its own history whilst crossing paths with a lot of core Star Wars characters. Aspects of it even showed up in Rogue One.

The crew of the Ghost is an eclectic mix, but I’m always particularly interested in what the two Jedi, Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger, get up to.

Despite them being counted as canon in Disney’s new unified story, I’ve barely touched any of Marvel’s Star Wars comics. Darth Vader started really well but lost me when it started crossing over with other titles. I’ve been reading the novels (which I’ll have a piece on soon), but let other comics pass me by. Having now read all 12 issues of Kanan Jarrus’s comic I can safely say that was a mistake. This is a fantastic series that’s only problem is how it didn’t keep going.

Writer Greg Weisman has great pedigree. Having researched what he’s worked on in the past it’s no surprise how well written Kanan is. Gargoyles, Young Justice, Nickelodeon TMNT, several versions of Batman, plus Executive Producer on Rebels! Undeniable quality. He juggles time frames with ease, jumping back and forth between present Kanan (well, Rebels S1 time) and Kanan, or should I say Caleb Dume’s, time as a Padawan. It never gets boring, with great pacing (hence reading it all in one sitting), and the voices are clear. I can just imagine Freddie Prinze Jr.’s voice as Kanan speaks.

This is all paired with some stunning artwork from Pepe Larraz. Panels without the glow of a lightsaber are just as interesting as those with as he creates a very dynamic flow between panels. Yes, he does make the Jedi look as good as they should, but his style suits Star Wars really well. The Ghost crew are pretty firmly fixed in my head with their computer model designs but he makes them his own with no awkwardness.

There is a lot here even for those that don’t follow Rebels. New and old (even pre Disney old) mesh perfectly, creating a world that gives us new looks at things we’ve seen previously. Seeing Order 66 from a Padawan’s point of view and they that effects them makes for a very interesting tale. If you have any interest in Star Wars and fancy trying a comic you can’t go wrong with Kanan.

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