Captain America: Civil War

As a fan of these characters the last few years have been a dream. Civil War takes things up a notch however; it truly is a comic book come to life. Whilst the action is exciting and entertaining to watch it isn’t what makes the film. The thirteenth Marvel film really shines when the characters share quieter moments. Tony and Steve. Nat and Clint. Wanda and Vision. Strip away the suits and these are people with different views on a situation, with each one’s stance true to their character. That alone is a massive victory in a film with so many characters.

Historically Marvel films have generally struggled with their villains, Loki being the only one that really comes to mind for most people. With so much attention on the heroes, Daniel Brühl’s quietly seething and scheming Zemo makes for a nice change as he delivers a classy turn.

If you’re more interested in the new heroes that Civil War introduces, worry not. You’ll adore Spider-Man, whilst Black Panther makes a very strong debut. They’ll both bring something very different and interesting in the future. An added bonus is seeing General Ross brought nicely into the fold after his appearance in The Incredible Hulk.

Winter Soldier told a great story whilst carrying with it massive ramifications for the characters involved. Civil War does the same but betters it, mainly due to the sheer awesomeness of seeing the likes of Ant-Man, Hawkeye, War Machine and Spider-Man interacting. In addition to that it uses the history built up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to great effect as it tells a wonderful tale of friends caught on opposite sides of a conflict.

Imagine the MCU as a song. Previous top dog Guardians of the Galaxy is like an awesome guitar solo. I adore it, but taking it out doesn’t spoil the song. The Captain America trilogy is the bass line – fundamental to the entire thing, with Civil War the best of the bunch.

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