Blockbuster Rentals

What an absolute treat! Whilst visiting a friends house at the weekend I noticed he had a stash of MegaDrive games. I love retro games and I’m a nosey sod so I couldn’t resist rifling through them.

Halfway down I found a yellow box.

Blockbuster Video.

Obi Wan

Amazing. Feast your eyes on this beauty.

Fond memories of weekend rentals came flooding back as I poured over the manual contents printed on the back. Some even had cheat codes!

I swear, we rented Sonic 3 and Robocop vs Terminator so many times that our parents should have just bought them!

Just a little reminisce for those of a certain age.


  1. My local rental place actually gave me a discount on the first Resident Evil due to how often I’d rented it.

    Not quite sure how in those days a 6 hour campaign could last you months, fun must have just been very inefficient. 🙂

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