Big Trouble in Little China

A Netflix search that yielded an unexpected result. My wife was amazed I hadn’t seen it, describing it as “so bad it’s good”.

I was aware that the film had become a cult classic but it’s nearly as old as I am so could it hold up without nostalgia?

Yep! Quite simply it’s a crazy little film that risks collapsing underneath some supreme overacting, too much exposition in places and not enough in others, alongside plenty of slapstick and amusing dialogue.

Russell is full of bravado in a story isn’t afraid to show him up as an idiot whilst Cattrall’s gusto outweighs her acting skill significantly. Like Russell’s character we’re thrown in at the deep in and asked to believe in some pretty out-there stuff.

Somehow though it works. I get the feeling it would benefit from multiple views.

It may well get them in the future.

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