Beyond: Two Souls – Video Game Review

Having played another David Cage game – Heavy Rain – I thought I was prepared for the ‘is it a film or is it a game’ conundrum it presents. Alas, the idea that Cage is a frustrated film director persists, as although Beyond: Two Souls is an intriguing experience its storytelling approach is muddled and the whole thing is a bit thin on the decision making side of things.

Ellen Page gives a great central performance as Jodi, standing out amongst a crop of decent enough actors mo-capped into the game. I’m playing this game three years after it was released, on PS3 (not the touched up PS4 version), and it still looks good.

Heavy Rain featured decisions that really felt like a core part of the game. If you failed a challenge it felt like a real personal hit to take. Here however I’m given more options when it comes to cooking dinner than I am in life and death situations. A bit lop-sided overall.

It is a mixed bag but I’m glad I played Beyond: Two Souls. The story was interesting and I felt compelled to keep going throughout (it took me 10-12 hours). What it isn’t though is a game for those who are interested in just FIFA and COD. There isn’t the instant gratification of scoring a goal or getting a headshot. The story builds up over time and isn’t afraid to take its time. If you’re willing to get involved in it there should be something here for you. Cage may create video games in a fashion that plenty won’t recognise as ‘fun’ but video games as a whole would be worse off without him.

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