Comic Review – Batwing #20

“This issue answers the question that’s been on everyone’s mind: Who is Batwing?” 

Only having had a passing knowledge of the previous incumbent, I thought I’d be pretty open to a new Batwing and wouldn’t take umbrage to a replacement so early on in a new titles life.

Batwing #20 proved me wrong with one line. When the subject of a new Batwing is raised, and Alfred questions Bruce’s thought process, he points out that he was always his first choice. What a slap in the face for those who have purchased the previous 19 issues? You had just as well tell them they wasted their time!

On top of that they’ve replaced a guy who had real issues and wanted to clean up his own part of the world with another perfect young specimen who could be whatever he wanted to be. He has two degrees! He’s an MMA fighter! My goodness it just sounds so clichéd. Where do they find all these people? It’s only one issue in but I see nothing that I haven’t seen from other members of the Bat-Family.

At least his new suit is cool, with a distinct Batman Beyond feel. Plus there was plenty of action which was decently choreographed. But as an issue that seemed perfect to jump aboard, I wanted a story that would really get its hooks into me and make me want to find out more about the new Batwing. All I got was a hollow story that seemed to want to maintain some semblance of continuity before going on to do its own thing. Why bother sending the new Batwing to Africa, when he has no ties and no investment?

On this outing I don’t feel much investment either.

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