Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Ultimate Edition

When it came to reviewing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, I instead chose to write an open letter to Ben Affleck.

Now we have a new extended ‘Ultimate Edition’ of the film. Can an extra 30 minutes change the experience?


I cannot be clear enough on this. Though it is very cool to see more of the amazing Arkham style fighting that shows ‘Batfleck’ at his best, the extra scenes and lines of dialogue included in this version clear up all the confusion that surrounded the story upon its release.

None of it does anything to change Batman. He’s a corrupted force of nature, bending his environment forcefully to suit his weary and violent state of mind. It make perfect sense for the time of his life and didn’t need changing.

What it does change is Superman. I cannot fathom why he was allowed to be portrayed as a mopey jerk who barely helps people and is too concerned about Lois to do much. Whose idea was it to cut a scene of him helping people from the senate explosion? WHO!? It’s idiotic to cut the parts out that show Superman as he truly is. A symbol of hope who will always help, even when he is questioned and vilified.

Seriously guys, whoever made the decision to edit the film down to its theatrical release should be fired. The LOTR films prove that audiences can sit down for 3 hours. Hell, even The Dark Knight Rises was 2 hours 40 minutes and that made serious money. What is more important, more showings per day (that would be covered by better reception and repeat viewings were the film good) or the story making sense?

Batman v Superman is almost a trilogy on it’s own. It’s not your standard comic book film and I think that threw a lot of people last year. It is a layered film that rewards multiple viewings. When we’re almost saturated with Marvel and Fox that have created a standard and basic template for what these kind of film should be, a story that is harder to follow and relies heavily on metaphors and imagery is going to be tricky to accept.

Over time I’ve come to really like this film. Maybe others will come to appreciate it more over time too.

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