American Made – Movie Review

American Made

Say what you like about Tom Cruise. As far as I’m concerned he’s a true movie star. He might not be able to disappear into a role, but you know he’s going to bring commitment and energy to everything he does.

That energy is the driving force behind American Made, a highly entertaining cautionary tale based on a true story. The film piqued my interest enough that I did some reading on the subject; enough to see how many liberties have been taken on the journey to the big screen. But honestly, I don’t care.

Amongst all the seriousness is a lot to enjoy, with Seal’s success causing all sorts of problems that he never saw coming. It’s the almost gleeful abandon with which he deals with that entertains and Cruise sells that wholeheartedly. I thought I’d have a problem with Seal’s wife being played so such an obviously younger actress, but it didn’t come to pass. I might know Cruise’s age but the man is a freak and pulls off looking a lot younger.

One thing in particular I like about this film is the trailer. It’s very much a true representation of the overall product but it doesn’t spoil anything or show too much. So if you’ve seen the trailer and though ‘I fancy a bit of that’, then you won’t be surprised. I for one really enjoyed the trailer, so take from that what you will.

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