Comic Review – All Star Batman #8

All-Star Batman #8

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That’s more like it!

Last month I was thoroughly unimpressed with the Poison Ivy story being told. It really did nothing for me.

I wondered if it was due to me not being that interested in the villain (trots out the old ‘a story is only as good as’ line), but All Star Batman #8 proves to me that Snyder and Co can take a villain I care little for and still tell a tale that intrigued me. Jervis Tetch, AKA The Madhatter, has always been an annoying B/C tier rogue for me. His mind control is dangerous yes, but he is no challenge for the Bat if there are no hats around.

There are only 20 pages to tell this month’s story but the third part of ‘Ends of the Earth’ manages to fit a hell of a lot in. Starting with an awesome slow reveal of the Batman’s approach to his latest target, we’re thrown into a story that has him questioning exactly who he is and what he’s doing. You’re never quite sure what is the truth, and even at the end I was trying to figure out what to believe. Batman does what he usually does but doubts remain about how much effect others have had over him.

Visually this is one of the strongest Batman comics we’ve had in a while. A quite traditional take leaves Batman himself strong looking but not overly bulky. The Rebirth style batsuit is looking particularly nice here. Tetch is suitably sneaky and snivelly looking whilst the trippier scenes both make sense and don’t at the same time. It’s a good balance that needs a bit of thought on the part of the reader.

There’s not much else to day. I enjoyed it. Good art + Good writing = Happy SDCC.

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