It’s a small piece of the internet, but it’s my piece.

That’s how I view Super Duper Stuff. A place where I can share my opinion on things I love – films, TV, comics, video games and tabletop gaming. Starting out on Blogger in July 2012 the site has steadily evolved into what you see now.

I don’t like to muck around and I don’t think you should either. You don’t need to know what happens in the film, you just need to know if it’s worth your time and your hard-earned cash. Which leads me nicely into a core belief of mine that permeates this place…

NO SPOILERS. I don’t think it needs much explanation. If it does this place may not be for you. If I ever do mention them I’ll be very careful and give warning first.

The thing I get asked the most is “Why is it called Super Duper Stuff?”. It all stems from a nickname I was given when I was a teenager. My best friend’s Dad, John, was a little worse for wear and called me “Super Duper Chrissy Cooper”. It’s randomness and simplicity made it stick, leading to it being used by not only friends and family but even the rota at work. Fiver years later the name was still firmly entrenched so I had it tattooed on my leg. It might not be the most impressive tattoo but I always said it was a bit of fun relating to a good memory. Better than most of the random rubbish you see on people anyway, even if it does get mixed up with Comic Con.

That all changed in 2008 however, when John passed away. The nickname took on a new level of meaning, as did the tattoo. ‘Super Duper’ is very important to me and really is the most meaningful praise I can give something.

Another product of my youth was film reviews. I’d visit the cinema every Thursday with that same best friend. We’d jot down our score for each film on the ticket stub and then discuss what we thought of it. This lead to me reading more and more online reviews. After reading several that I wasn’t very impressed with I decided that rather than bitch about I’d write one myself. Through a friend I sent it in to Flickering Myth, at the time an up-and-coming entertainment website.

The site’s Editor encouraged me to write more reviews. I kept going but wanted my own space to share them on my own timetable. So SDS was born. Flickering Myth is still very important, with reviews originally written for them being marked as such.

So why should you visit? Why should you trust me with the crazy amounts we’re expected to pay for cinema tickets nowadays? Well, I’m spending my own money on everything reviewed here. There’s no bias; it’s just the honest opinion of a guy who likes to share his.

Comments and constructive criticism on the site are welcome so should you feel the need to contact me please do.

If you’d like the site elsewhere there are Facebook and Twitter pages that it would be great to see you on.

Welcome aboard.