A Bit of Pew Pew #7

Last week’s pew pew was rather bitty. I wasn’t sure about a lot of it and that showed in how I flew.

This week…I still flew ships I didn’t know!

Torkhil Mux (31) – HWK-290, TLT, Black Market Slicer Tools, Moldy Crow, Vectored Thrusters

Cartel Spacer (18) – M3-A “Scyk” Interceptor, “Heavy Scyk” Interceptor, Flechette Cannon

Cartel Spacer (17) – M3-A “Scyk” Interceptor, “Heavy Scyk” Interceptor, Tractor beam

Contracted Scout (34) – JumpMaster 5000, Proton Torpedoes, Extra Munitions, Boba Fett, Unhinged Astromech, Crack Shot, Guidance Chips

100 points

Torkil is a known entity after last week. With his ability to drag someone’s pilot skill down he’s crucial to my squad. He’ll drag them down and then hopefully they can all take someone out before they get to return fire. Plus I love the model and it’s cool to pop a few upgrades on him and work with something that isn’t always that loved. Between the dial and 1 red it feels like the designers really dropped the ball on this one. Just challenges to work around I guess.

Speaking of dropping the ball. I was all set up to use a G-1A after being fairly impressed with Zuckuss last time, until I noticed the cost of the JumpMaster 5000. It’s so horrendously cheap for its cost that I’d be shooting myself in the foot if I didn’t take it. I wasn’t completely sure how to set him up but it seemed a wise spend.

That left me with 35 points. A nice amount but also awkward. Another large base? A kitted out ace? Nope! I remembered the extra hull Heavy Scyks received so went for them. Annoying blockers that might just pack a punch and can take a hit? Well worth a go!

On a prime table in the window of Fistful of Dice I played two games. Don and Dan presented very different challenges. What’s really cool is how Portsmouth doesn’t really have a meta, unless ‘I’m going to give this a punt’ is a meta. No ship is out of bounds here, and whilst it’s not the most useful for preparing for tournaments or against net lists, it leads to interesting evenings.

Don’s Imp Squad

I always end up writing mainly about one game per evening, and once I saw Dan’s list I knew it had to be his. Why? He’s using a U-Wing! I had a good game against Don’s Stele/Ryad/Vessery (he used Vess particularly well during my loss to him) but I’ve never flown against a U before. ‘DOA’ is what I’d heard about them. Was it true?

Heff Tobber (28) –U-Wing, Rey

“Dutch” Vander (35) – Y-Wing, Targeting Astromech, Proton Torpedoes, Extra Munitions, Blaster Turret, Guidance Chips

Horton Salm (34) – Y-Wing, R2 Astromech, Twin Laser Turret, Vectored Thrusters

97 points

Next Thursday, at about 6pm, can you all remind me to not start games like an idiot? I saw a U-Wing and two Y-Wings and for reason thought “I’m gonna joust that, I’ve got more guns”. Dumb dumb dumb. I line up along the right and Dan lines up facing me, with Dutch off to the side.

The plan was to creep forward to load up Mux with focus, pick whichever ship presented itself and then hit it hard with everything at R2. Hopefully take someone out before they even got a shot off. Alas, it didn’t work out that way. In Round 2 it all goes rather wrong.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love the HWK?

As we meet in Round 2, one of the Cartels is taken out quickly. I’m already lamenting my approach, but remain hopeful I’ll get some good hits in shortly.

It gets worse! In Round 3 Mux bites the dust. I think he’s awesome and it seems Dan thought he was a threat too. Mux is a scrappy pilot but he can’t contend with multiple hits and crits. With two ships down I had to turn this around quickly. The Y’s are looking good but the U has already been chipped down.

Heff manages to pull off his pivot on the spot, allowing him to take a pop at the remaining Cartel as it passes by. Fortunately it doesn’t work and my scout manages to get in close and do some big damage. Heff is gone and I’ve broken into his squad. Should never have let it get to that but I can see some light now. There’s a chance, so it’s time to roll up my sleeves and make something happen.

The game is in the balance, and I’ve got better dials. The Scout has lost three shields but the Scyk is 100%. Both Y’s have lost a shield or two but I’m hoping that with one green I can chip them down. After the initial joust we spend a couple of rounds getting back near each other as I turn around. The odd bit of damage but nothing big. I’m hoping to change that via the Scout’s torps. I just need to suss the range out and not get too close as I’ve consistently ended up at R1 and been unable to use them.

I have to say that the TLT/Auto Blaster mix is pretty nifty. Avoiding the TLT R1 hole lead to being in R1 of the other gun, and I start hoping for crits instead of hits, which is odd. This concerned me for a little while, but then BOBA FETT DID THE BUSINESS. The Scout swooped in, landed a crit, and took the TLT away. With my range concerns eased I get a bit ballsy.

Amongst all this Salm goes down and now Dutch has no shields. He K-turns to face the Scout. Foreseeing this but not really caring, I take a TL on Dutch to use my torps. He might take me out first, but I’ve still got the Scyk facing Dutch, and I fancy taking a punt and letting the Dice Gods decide. It’s been a great game and I’m up for some fun.

Dutch takes out the Scout. That’s cool. Because the Cartel finishes the job.

X-Wing is at its best in games like this. Neither squad followed the meta or any sort of net list. The game swung between us as we both made good and bad decisions. Fair play Dan, it was great fun.

So what do I take away from this one?

  • THINK. Initial placement and movement is hella important. I mean it when I say remind me on Thursday.
  • Don’t be afraid to just go past and regroup. It’s not bottling it; it’s getting in a better position.
  • HWKs are awesome. Would I like tweaks? Yes. But I can work with it.
  • The Scyks are hardy little buggers! The extra hull is of course great but like TIEs they seem to last a lot longer than they should. Useful.
  • U-Wings just need to be used correctly. Perhaps they fall into the same area as G-1As and the points are better spelt elsewhere but it was great to see one. The pivot on the spot was very nice; watch out for it. The wings move nicely too.
  • I don’t own three toilet seats, so never played the original BS incarnation of them. Nevertheless this one Scout was plenty good enough. It took some damage, moved well, and once I’d figured the range did some great damage.

Also… running close to rocks and not stacking it is immensely satisfying.

Fly casual!!!

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