A Bit of Pew Pew #5

A much quieter night at Fistful led to there only being three of us. Don very graciously stepped aside to let James (my foe from the Pew Pew #2) battle it out with me again. What he didn’t know was how long this one was going to last!

I’d amended my team into something a bit more ‘me’.

Backdraft (34)
Special Forces TIE (27), Wired (1), Fire-Control System (2), Pattern Analyzer (2), Special Ops Training (0), Lightweight Frame (2)

Colonel Vessery (41)
TIE Defender (35), Tractor Beam (1), Expertise (4), TIE/D (0), Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (1)

Zeta Leader (24)
TIE/fo Fighter (20), Pattern Analyzer (2), Wired (1), Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (1)

99 points

Backdraft remains the same, as does Zeta. The Defender however take on a new pilot, along with an EPT I’ve not used before. Vessery is one my two go to Defender pilots (the other being Ryad), whilst Expertise seems really obvious on a ship with two shots now that I think about it. I had to forgo Veteran Instincts and the other ships making of the possibly Tractor Beam shenanigans but I was more than willing to give it a try.

James opens up his stuff to reveal two ships. I’ve had bad experiences with both but I’ve seen them both so rarely that I was looking forward to taking them on.

Corran Horn (48)
E-Wing (35), Push The Limit (3) Fire Control System (2) · R2-D2 (4) Engine Upgrade (4)

Miranda Doni (52)
K-Wing (29), Extra Munitions (2) Homing Missiles (5) Twin Laser Turret (6) Ion Bombs (2) Conner Net (4) Advanced SLAM (2) · Sabine Wren (2)

100 points

They’re paint jobs match, which is about the only nice thing I can about it as a squad. In my experience Corran double taps you then runs off, his 5 straight and boost getting him clear of anything. Then there’s Miranda, who can bomb you or use TLT. She can also just SLAM away. Essentially, I think these pilots are bottlers. I hate them! Unless you can burn one down and stop the regen you’re in trouble because they’ll just chip away at you.

With asteroids placed (I could just throw them down the good they do me), we both set up on the right side of the board. James is facing me whilst my guys are looking along the board edge as I try to give myself options. Let’s zip ahead a bit…

Round 4 – Fast forward through a few cagey approach rounds and we get some shooting! With Zeta and Backdraft pointing the right away I hoped I’d be able to make a sizable dent.

Turns out that dice can behave very well some of the time. Both my TIEs did full damage and took none in return. One round of shooting and Miranda was already down to two hull.

Round 5 – Miranda gets the hell out of dodge, whilst I manage to TB Corran onto a rock. Unfortunately I couldn’t get into this hull. This is where I think the game fell apart for me. Sure I didn’t get hit but he can regen and I can’t. The concerns I had about James chipping away begin to creep in too.

Round 6 – I thought it was turning against me and this round confirmed it. Miranda uses her first Ion Bomb whilst Corran makes a break for it. He’s out of there, whilst I scramble around trying to get a fix on…well anything.

I won’t bore you with the ins and outs of the next few rounds. I lost Zeta to Corran as I tried to chase him around. Things got very frustrating. I just couldn’t catch them! Even when I did them in arc they’d both replenished their shields and they were token’d up. I should have made more of an effort to get all three pointing at one of his; maybe if I’d thought ahead a few rounds I could have trapped one of them, especially as I’d managed it right at the start.

One thing of note was James trying a particularly ballsy move with Miranda and flying her off the board. Very tight. I can’t say I was gutted to see her go!

The game went on and on. I could have conceded but I was in a stubborn mood. I lost Backdraft to being chipped away. So Vessery was all I had. With nearly 2 hours gone I decided I’d had enough.

It was time to joust.

Vessery vs Corran. Two cannons vs double tap. Both fast and both hardy.

Corran did enough. By that point I was sort of glad the match was over. I wasn’t getting anywhere so I decided to leave it in the hands of the dice gods.

A few things came to mind after this match.

  • Wave 4 messed up E-Wings and Defenders. Whilst Defenders have been fixed and subsequently nerfed again, no one uses an E-Wing without Corran. FFG will have to be very careful how they treat the E as any buffs given to the ship will also buff the double tap maestro. Very tricky.
  • Regen Rebels are very strong and an absolute pain in the backside. It’s really strong, but I also didn’t find it particularly fun to play against. That’s not a problem with James. Bar the first round of shooting he played it perfectly. Maybe I should just call a waaaambulance and get over it.
  • This combo of Zeta/Backdraft/Defender is my favourite. It didn’t pan out in a win but it’s definitely the best match for my play style.
  • Expertise is expensive but pretty damn good! Good enough that I’d probably use it instead of VI on Vessery in the future, depending on the cost of the rest of the squad.

Cheers to James for the game. I think I’m going to rest the Imps for a little bit now as I’ve got a scum build in mind that will make use of a couple of ships I’ve not yet flown.

Until next time. Fly casual guys.

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