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100 Word Review – This Means War

Stupidly entertaining but ultimately forgettable. Review done! Seriously though, if you expected anything more from Director McG you will be sorely disappointed. The whole thing is laughable, but there’s good chemistry between Bane and Kirk. Witherspoon […]


Movie Review – Oblivion

A tough film to rate for me. So I’ll start with the easy bits! This is a visually stunning film. Beautiful landscapes and awesome set design make it quite the feast on the eye. Kosinski […]


Appreciating a Milestone

10,000 views! When I started this little blog in July last year I thought it would just be somewhere to keep the pieces I wrote for other websites. A receptacle for articles that won’t be seen. A […]


Movie Review – Argo

Ben Affleck didn’t get the Best Director Academy Award for Argo. I’ll be blunt…that is a bloody travesty. What more could a guy do. Based on the true story of American Hostages in Iran, Argo […]